Become a C# Software Developer

Do you want to be a C# software developer? Then you have a lot to learn.

Step 1 – Learn the basics

  1. Learn the C# syntax. Take a course and read the manual
  2. Start programming and get some experience

Step 2 – Be good

Do you just want to make programs that works? or do you want to be a great programmer that makes maintainable applications with few bugs?

  1. Learn about TDD and unit testing
  2. Master the disipline of refactoring
  3. Work agile (Scrum / XP)
  4. Read books about programming

Step 3 – Be fast

  1. Learn the Visual Studio shortcuts, use Code Snippets
  2. Use tools and plugins. Start with ReSharpener
  3. Learn and use Design Patterns
  4. Automate the processes with PowerShell
  5. Use NuGet

Step 4 – Be smart

  1. Use Source Control, e.g. GIT
  2. For sharing and backup, save your work on a server like BitBucket or GitHub

Step 5 – Learn the frameworks

  1. Every application should be able to log. I use log4net
  2. To access a database, use Entity Framework or nHibernate

Step 6 – Specialize

Web Applications

  • If you are going to build Web Applications you do need to master HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript as well as JSON and AJAX

Desktop applications

  • If you want to build a User Interface you should learn about WPF / XAML

Sharepoint applications


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